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Savitsky Cats Passed The AGT Judges Cut

Savitsky Cats Passed The AGT Judges Cut – These performing cats go before the judges cut on America’s Got Talent (AGT) to do tricks to try to move onto the Live Shows. #SavitskyCats #AGT

Savitsky Cats Passed The AGT Judges Cut

This time the mother, daughter used cats that didn’t preform before. Even one cat paused a moment to groom, then preformed the trick. I guess you can say they gave some catitude. I think this act is my favorite one of them all. I wrote about them in a prior blog post about their audition and passing on then. (about two months ago).

Now to the Live Show!

These felines did well enough to move onto the Live Shows? You can watch this video (shown below)! Way to Go Savitsky Cats! Good job training these cats, Their Svetlana and Marina. Plus, thank you for taking in strays and giving them a home and showing that us cats can do amazing things.

Cats Rule! Dogs Drool!

Just had to throw that one out there!

Watch the Performance

You can watch the performance below.

Who says you can train cats to do tricks

They need your help!

Vote for them in the Live Shows! I hope they make it in the Live Shows. Make sure you vote for them!

Savitsky Cats Passed The AGT Judges Cut

Do you have a talented cat?

If you have a talented cat, tell us about that cat and we may feature your cat on 2 Cats and A Blog!


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