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Savitsky Cats Me-Wowed the Judges of America’s Got Talent

Savitsky Cats Me-Wowed the Judges of America’s Got Talent – Simon one of the judges loved this act and he doesn’t like cats! That says a lot! #SavitskyCats Plus the video of their act is included in this blog post!

Savitsky Cats Me-Wowed the Judges of America’s Got Talent

Here is the audition act that Me-Wowed the audience, the judges, our hoomans, Joel the Brave and myself. These cats can do stunts just like a dog can. Ironically, Simon, one of the judges was me-wowed too with those cats. He doesn’t like cats! He will admit he don’t like cats, but he was impressed with the talent these cats and trainers had.

Me-Wowed! Get it? Like a meow and wow together! See cats can imitate sounds! Me-Wow!

Savitsky Cats Me-Wowed the Judges of America's Got Talent #SavitskyCats

“You know why that was so impressive?” asked Cowell after the cats finished their hairball-raising performance. “Because dogs want to please. Cats are like, ‘Make me.’ They had sort of like ‘cattitude.’ I think there’s a gap in the market for this. I thought with my dogs sometimes, it’s like I want to take them out and see a show and this is a show I can take them to.”

Mandel chimed in, “The thing is, we’ve seen a lot of these tricks done by dogs, [but] I have never seen a cat do that. Never. And the beauty of the show is that people come from all over the world to show us things we’ve never seen before and you did that.”

They ended up with four yeses. That’s right even Simon the cat hater, voted yet.

All of this was on the Season 13 Premiere of America’s Got Talent (AGT).

Their trainers are Svetlana and Marina. They even told Simon they train 10 cats. Simon even asked why. I guess after seeing what happened, Simon now knows why!

You can watch their performance below on YouTube from the America’s Got Talent channel. (Video embedded below)

I cannot wait to see what these cats do next on AGT!

Do you have a talented cat?

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Did Savitsky Cats MeWow on Judges Cut of AGT?

Find out!


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