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Feeding my String

I, Joel the Brave, like to feed my string. I will fetch my string and bring it to my food bowl, so it can eat too.

Yes, I love to play fetch and other games with my String. If you notice, in this picture, there are two strings feeding.

Does your cat bring it’s toys or other items to it’s feeding dish?

We’d like to hear from you in the comments below.

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Cuddly Kitten Day

Cuddly Kitten Day – Who doesn’t like a kitten and to cuddle that kitten too? This day is for you and that special kitten!  #CuddlyKittenDay

Cuddly Kitten Day

All of us cats start off as a kitten, just like you hoomans start off as a baby. I thought I would share this cat related holiday with our readers. 


Cuddly Kitten Day is held annually on March 23. We are unsure who and when this day was created, but we love it. Let’s go cuddle a kitten or two or more. 

Other Cat Holidays: In October called National Cat Day. Maybe you will like to know there is a cat holiday about hugging your cat … National Hug Your Cat Day!

If you don’t have a cat or kitten, today is the ‘purr-fect’ day to adopt a cat or kitten and make them part of your furever home. One benefit is cats can help relieave stress. 

Even puppies, baby dogs, have a day too. National Puppy Day usually falls on March 23rd each year too, unless it’s on a weekend.

Check out what my daddy hooman said about this holiday. 


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He’s Just A Purr Boy

He’s Just a Purr Boy – parody from the song Bohemian Rhapsody Song by Queen.

Here is a song my brother, Joel the Brave and I sing …

Joel the Brave: I’m just a purr boy Nobody rubs me.

Lilly Bug: He’s just a purr boy, from a purr family! Spare him his life from this meowstrosity!

Unsure where the meme came from, but that is our song!

But this is a parody from the song Bohemian Rhapsody Song by Queen

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Meaning of a Cat Tattoo

Meaning of a Cat Tattoo

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World Spay Day

World Spay Day A day to remind you to spay or neuter your pets.

Held annually on the last Tuesday of February.

In 2019, that’s February 26.

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Lilly Bug in Charge

I get to be in charge on even-numbered days.

Lilly Bug in charge on even-numbers Days.

I think I’ll just gonna chill!

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Joel the Brave, Large and in Charge

My name is Joel the Brave and I am Large and In Charge! Well, I am in charge on odd-numbered days.

My name is Joel the Brave and I am Large and In Charge! Well, I am in charge on odd numbered days.

That’s me in our cat condo!

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