The blog of Lilly Bug and Joel the Brave. Just two cats and a blog and our adventures. Plus we will post blog entry of everything that deals with cats. So if it is about cats, you just might find it here on 2 Cats and a Blog. Please be sure to follow us!

Our Adventures

We just might blog about our adventures we go through. This will be about the things we do, experience and/or see. Yes, cats can have fun and experience things too. We want to share that with you too.

Special Cats

We will feature special cats. Like cats with special needs, disablities, etc. We may even feature famous cats too.

Cat Rescues and Santuarys

We will write about cat rescues and cat santuarys. Those helping to save the lives of cats. We will feature NO-KILL ones.

All Things Cat

Plus, we will blog about all things cats. If it relates to cats we will be sure to blog about it.

Got Cat News?

Have a cat-related blog post idea or have a cat question leave a comment or contact us and we just might make it into a blog post.

You can even submit your cat related news to us and we may feature it on 2 Cats and a Blog!


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