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Random Cat Thoughts – Fire Trucks

Random Cat Thoughts – Fire Trucks

Random Cat Thoughts – Fire Trucks

Just think about it fire trucks are actually water trucks because they carry water not fires.

My name is Joel the Brave and I Like fire trucks. I use to love watching them go by in my apartment in Corbin, KY. Where I live now in Jefferson City, TN I don’t get to hear or even see many.


So I guess I can still be a fire truck after all … because I carry pee. So I can still be the first Fire Cat or one of the first few fire cats. They do have fire dogs, mostly dalmatians.


Prr. I am a boy black cat that lives in Tennessee with my hoomans, Ms. Heather and Mr. Steve. I have a sissy cat, Lillybug. I hope to be a firefighter when I grow big.

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