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Meet Frankie aka Frankenkitten

Meet Frankie aka Frankenkitten – Check out this special rare kitten. This kitten has four ears and one eye. #Franenkitten

Meet Frankie aka Frankenkitten

Here is a special kitten named Frankie. This kitten yes has four ears and only one eye. It does have a nick name of Frankenkitten or even Frankie Kitten. Frankie is a rescued kitten. At 10 weeks old, this beautiful domestic short hair was found in Geelong, Victoria, Australia and brought to the Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS).

Frankie (Frakenkitten) kitten with four ears and one eye | Photo credit Frank_n_kitten Instagram

Frankie had deformed eye which required surgery to remove. That is why you see the stitches in this photo of him. It is believed it was a genetic, but not much is known on it because it is very rare. Those stitches is what caused him to be named Frakenkitten. (from Frankenstein) But you can call him Frankie for short. His name suits him. Just like in Bible times, they named people based on your characteristics, he was named based on his too.

Nor our veterans unsure how he got four ears as well. But, if you ask me, God created him that way and that makes him special. God has a plan and purpose for this!

His new furever hooman, Georgie Anderson, even created an Instagram account for him too. Check out more photos and Follow him at Frank_n_Kitten

There is even a GoFundMe account to help with a large overbite he has. He needs surgery to correct this issue.

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