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Cat Emojis

🐈 🐱🐅😺😸😹😻😼


Happy World Emoji day 😻

We’d like to know..what cat related emoji do you wish existed? For me, it’s kitty treats 😸 (Joel the Brave)

Part of World Emjoi Day

Another name for an emjoi is an emoticon, meaning an emotional icon. Get it emo is short for emotional and well of course, icon for icon.

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National Kitten Day

National Kitten Day – a day for the soft baby kittens. #NationalKittenDay #KittenDay

National Kitten Day
Photo by Pixabay on

Held annually on July 10 since 2015. However, it use to be observed annually on December 4th from 2013 until 2014.

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Two Years

Today is a special day for me. Today makes 2 years that I got my Ms Heather.

Last year, I shared the Gotcha story (Happy Gotcha Day, Ms Heather).

A Lot has happened over these 2 years. I got a Dadda hooman and a sissy (becoming a family), and you fans keeps visiting our blog, Instagram & even our twitter.

Life with her and Dadda and even Sissy is great. But it also makes me think of all the kitties that no has hoomans, that no has a family. Though there are many things I might like to has (like a truck of treats or unlimited belly rubs), most of all for my 2nd Gotcha-versary I wants more kitties to get adopted- for more kitties to get rescued.

Maybe you no can has a kitty for some reason. I gets that. My hooman brother Dillon is allergic, so we has to keeps distance from him when he’s with Momma and Daddy. Or maybes you live some place you no can has any kind of furrbabies. But you can still donate food, litter, or even small toys to local rescues and shelters.

I lives a very blessed Cat life. Momma and Daddy does spoil me and sissy with treats and toys (though string is still my favorite) . So, for my 2nd Gotcha-versary, I would like donations be sent to local rescues and shelters.

Thank mew for continuing to follow Sissy and I along our adventures. We hope to be doing more videos for mew along the way. We lub you, and are grateful you lub us.

Head bumps. Purr.

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National Therapy Animal Day

National Therapy Animal Day – an awareness day to raise awareness for therapy animals. #TherapyAnimalDay

National Therapy Animal Day - an awareness day to raise awareness for therapy animals. #TherapyAnimalDay
Photo by Pixabay on

Animals such as cats and dogs and many other animals help with therapy and recovery of many hoomans.

This day no only helps honor those animals giving therapy, but also the handlers who receive the therapy too. It also a day to help raise awareness of the role of animals in aiding in therapy.

A Therapy animal is a form of a service animal, that you would see with a blind person or even a deaf person. In this case, it is usually for those in therapy, such as social, mental, anxiety, etc.

Having and holding a pet can help reduce stresses and anxieties.

This awareness day is held annually on April 30.

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Pink Panther Covered In Magical Coal Dust

I am Joel the Brave and I am not a black cat, but I am a Pink Panther Covered In Magical Coal Dust. Kind of like how the dalmatian puppies in 101 Dalmatians covered them self in coal dust to look like Labradors. However, my coal dust I am covered in is permanent. That means it won’t come off!

Oh yea! It’s magical coal dust! Almost forgot that!

Joel the Brave is a Pink Panther Covered In Coal Dust | Photo Credit: Heather Patterson
Photo Credit: Heather Patterson

I am also known as the Prince of Darkness as my momma hooman calls me.

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We built this kitty

We built this kitty to the tune of We Built This City by Starship.

We built this kitty on Meow ‘N Row.

We built this kitty
Photo by Vishnu R Nair on

That is all of the lyrics I can come up with for a cat at this time. Meow

Maybe I should start a band or just go out singing solo. The Joel the Brave Band. The next hot cat band.

All the lady cats will say … Meeeooow!

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Feeding my String

I, Joel the Brave, like to feed my string. I will fetch my string and bring it to my food bowl, so it can eat too.

Yes, I love to play fetch and other games with my String. If you notice, in this picture, there are two strings feeding.

Does your cat bring it’s toys or other items to it’s feeding dish?

We’d like to hear from you in the comments below.