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5 Free Cat Toys (Or Almost Free)

5 Free Cat Toys (Or Almost Free) Toys that your cat can play with that would cost you next to nothing or even free! Some of these can be DIY cat toys too!

5 Free Cat Toys (Or Almost Free)

In this blog post, I want to share about some cat toys you can make or get for free. One that I like to play with my hooman makes is a paper ball.

1. Paper Ball

Yes, you saw that right … a paper ball. My hooman will wad a piece of paper up into a ball and throw it. I would chase after it and bat and paw at it. Well, I guess this one is almost free. It cost next to nothing! You can use paper you are done with!


2. Frayed Paper / Fringed Paper / Shredded Paper

When you are done with that piece of paper, maybe you can fray it or fringe it and let us play with it. Plus, you could use that shredded paper and let us play with it too.


3. Boxes

Boxes are always great and fun! Plus, you usually can get boxes free! Just like in a previous post of mine, Free Cat Box Fort, I talked about a free cat toy using boxes to create a fort for your feline friend.


4. Toilet Paper Rings / Paper Towel Rings

Yes, those cardboard rings that toilet paper and paper towels come on make great toys for us to play with. They are free … well sort of … You do have to pay for the toilet paper and the paper towel. But, Hey you usually throw away the ring part.


5. Old Ball of Yarn

Well, I know you had to pay for it, sometimes it might have been given to you. But, old yard, you can roll into a ball and let us play with it too!


What are some other cat toys you can make or get for free or next to free?

Please feel free to share in the comments below!


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