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Free Cat Box Fort

Free Cat Box Fort. You can make a free playground for your cat using free boxes!

Free Cat Box Fort

Just like little children, us cats love boxes too! We would rather play with the boxes than most anything else. Now, you can create a fort using free old boxes. Just put them together. Maybe cut holes inside. Tape them up. Decorate them. You hoomans can get creative with them too. The possibilities are endless!

Check out this screen shot of Cat Box Forts.

Free Cat Box Fort

As you can see these free boxes turned into Cat Box Forts can be a nice free Cat Toy for your feline friend.

If you have made one for your cat, please let us know how your cat reacted. Or Cats if you are a blogging and reading this, feel free to comment on your reaction to these box forts.


I'm Lilly Bug, a female calico cat living in Jefferson City, TN and I want to share my adventures with you. Plus, I share other cat information too. I live with my daddy hooman, Steve. Steve is a Christian Blogger at I also live with my momma hooman Heather, she is a Christian Blogger too at Plus let's not forget my brother cat, Joel the Brave who also blogs with me at 2 Cats and a Blog.

4 thoughts on “Free Cat Box Fort

    1. Thanks for sharing. Gonna have to check it out and let my hooman see it. I like the term cat playhouse.


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