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The Cat’s Meow

The Cat’s Meow – Cats rarely to never meow at other cats. They Meow only to hooman’s. Check out ways cats communicate with each other.

The Cat’s Meow

Animals verbalize in many different ways to communicate. One thing cat owners may notice is that cats have a tendency to meow as a form of speaking with humans. However, according to the North Shore Animal League America, cats almost never meow at other cats, as meowing is a sound generally reserved for interacting with humans. Cat owners should talk back to their cats often, as cats enjoy hearing their own names and their owners’ voices.

The Cat’s Meow

I know I perk up when I hear my hoomans call me by my name. Even if I am laying down on the bed cat napping, I will perk up just a little.

Cats communicate silently with each other. Mostly through body language. Part of the body language includes …

  1. Staring
  2. Use of tail
  3. Stance
  4. Scent marking
  5. Eye blinking
  6. And more

Kittens are more likely to meow more.

Cats at times purr to each other. More about that in a future blog post. Another reason why to subscribe to 2 Cats and a Blog.


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