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Reasons God Created Cats

God Created Cats! So Thank God For Us Cats! Cats were created on the 6th day of creation.

God Created Cats

God created us cats for a reason! Adam had a big job to name us too. He named us cats. You can read the creation story found in Genesis of the Bible.

God Created Cats - Multiple Cats - Benefits Owning A Cat

Reasons God Created Cats

Some of these are benefits of owning a cat and the impact it can have on the hooman life.

  • Cuddled
  • Laughter
  • Comfort/Console
  • Company /Companionship
  • Catch Mice
  • Alarm Clock
  • Sound Therapy (Purring)
  • Exercise
  • Empathy
  • Medical Benefits
What are some other benefits to owning a cat?

Feel free to share those in the comments below.

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