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Check your Hoods for Cats!

Check your Hoods for Cats! Make sure to bang or knock on your car hoods before you start your car. It could help save the life of a cat! #KnockKnockCats

Check your Hoods for Cats!

Cooler weather brings feral cats to the warmth of an engine block. If you don’t bang on the hood of your car, you just might start it and kill the cat! Not to mention, cause damage to your vehicle. Check your Hoods for Cats!


Bang on your hoods! Knock on your hoods!

In Japan, Nissan and TBWA\Hakuhodo helped to get this started and they called it “Knock Knock Cats”.  As a reminder to knock on the hood of your car. 

That banging on the hood just might scare any cat that may be inside trying to stay warm with the cool or cold weather.

Even check between your tires, that is another spot for cats to seek shelter for warmth during cold weather.

Plus, keep antifreeze out of reach so cats and dogs don’t get into it too.

Below are pictures of cats inside of cars.

These pictures were randomly taken from google image search.

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to help save the lives of cats!