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Feeding my String

I, Joel the Brave, like to feed my string. I will fetch my string and bring it to my food bowl, so it can eat too.

Yes, I love to play fetch and other games with my String. If you notice, in this picture, there are two strings feeding.

Does your cat bring it’s toys or other items to it’s feeding dish?

We’d like to hear from you in the comments below.

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String Game

String Game – My name is Joel the Brave and I like playing String Game. It’s simple, a basic string like a shoe lace and the cat chases and/or fetches it.

String Game

All it is an shoe lace to make a string. I have two of them. This one has some small rope added on to it. My favorite is the one without that rope added.

I do like the knots and loops on the string. I like it when my hoomans move the string around and I go after the string.

Once in awhile, they will throw it and I will go fetch it. Yes, that is right, I fetch the string and bring it back to them, so they will throw it again. (I may blog about that in the future, the Fetching Cat).

When I want to play string game, I will lay beside the string on the floor and coo. Other times, I will bring the string to my hoomans.

Sometimes, my sissy, Lilly Bug is near by and they will play with the string to both of us. I’d rather they just play string game with me.

But, I do have to share. Right?!?

Does your cat play string game?

Tell us the story about your cat and strings!