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Lilly Bug in Charge

I get to be in charge on even-numbered days.

Lilly Bug in charge on even-numbers Days.

I think I’ll just gonna chill!

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My Gotcha Day

Four years ago I came into my furever home with the Patterson’s. I was at the Jefferson County Humane Society.

Daddy hooman and Lilly Bug | Photo Credit: Heather Patterson
Daddy hooman and Lilly Bug | Photo Credit: Heather Patterson

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Lilly Bug in the Cat Cottage

Busted! Lilly Bug just jumped in the Cat Cottage without treats. She even used one of the scratching post. Then I, Joel the Brave got in it too and Tag Game began. Needless to say we both were no longer in that Cat Cottage.

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Put up in the big bedroom

Put up in the big bedroom

Put up in the big bedroom

The maintenance man came to fix the hot water heater. Daddy put brother and I in the same bathroom. So naturally we be getting the fight. Daddy cracked the bathroom door and I escaped. I kept trying to run from him and went into the big bedroom. 🛏

That’s when it hit me,

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Happy Gotcha Day, Ms. Heather

The day seems fresh, like new poured litter.

I remember the nice man scooping me up from my my brother and sister. He mumbled something, and placed me inside of a tan box. I had a feeling that I would never see my sister or brother cats again.

The nice man placed me inside of a big thing with wheels. I heard music. It seemed we were in there for days.

Then the rocking stopped altogether. The nice man picked up the box, and spoke soft to me. And then I saw her.

She was standing, smiling. And she smelled like happiness. She reached in the box, and I was afraid. After all, hoomans hadn’t been all too nice to me so far. Her hooman paws scooped me up and held me against her. I don’t know how I knew, but I could tell she was a mommy.

20170623_173235 (our first meowfie, a yr ago)

She placed me in her car wheeled thing. The rocking didn’t take long. She got out of the wheeled thing, and then came back.

The wheeled thing took us back to her den, and she carried me inside. I liked her smell.

She placed something around my neck, and I heard a jingle-jingle. Every time I moved, I heard it! Then she scooped me up, and closed her eyes speaking very softly. Wait.. she was.. praying?? She was talking to ABBA. Even though I was just a little one, I knew about ABBA. HE created all things, like me. And that meant.. ABBA had created her.

The girl hooman placed food and water in bowls, and sat watching me. I ate a bit, and went back over to her. She scooped me up again, and that was when she said it for the first time: “Joel The Brave”. I would come to learn that that was what my hooman name is. And I would learn hers, Ms. Heather.

Night time came, and she carried me into a different room. There were soft pieces and Ms Heather laid down. She had no litter mates, and now that I didn’t either .. I knew then. I had to take care of her. She was my hooman. I nestled against her, though she didn’t have  fur other than the long fur on top.

That was the day I got Ms. Heather.

She and I, we have been through a lot together. I have watched her cry. I have watched her bring into our den a boy hooman, who I now call my Dadda: Mr. Steve. We took lots of rides in wheeled things, and then a big wheeled thing brought me to my new den, that I share with Ms Heather, Mr. Steve, and my new sissy cat, Lilly Bug.

I thank ABBA for bringing her to me.

Happy Gotcha Day, Ms. Heather.

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The Barking Cat 🐈

The Barking Cat 🐈 My name is Lilly Bug and I am a Barking Cat.

 The Barking Cat 🐈

My name is Lilly Bug and I am a Barking Cat. When I want my hoomans attention, I just let out a bark. He will say excuse me? I will go meow. Hey it works! But, did you know that cats can imitate sounds. I guess what is why I am good at making a barking noise.

Lilly Bug the Barking Cat

What sounds does your cats make?

I know Joel the Brave can make a goat sound and even a fire truck sound.

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New Graphics!

We now have new graphics thanks to our hooman daddy.

Thank you! Check them out below!

2 Cats and a Blog (Lilly Bug and Joel the Brave)
2 Cats and a Blog (Lilly Bug and Joel the Brave)

2 Cats and a Blog (Lilly Bug and Joel the Brave)
2 Cats and a Blog (Lilly Bug and Joel the Brave)

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