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Momma’s Boy

Momma’s Boy – My name is Joel the Brave and I am a momma’s boy … A Proud Momma’s Boy! I love to cuddle up with my momma hooman. That is all!

Momma’s Boy - My name is Joel the Brave and I am a momma's boy. I love to cuddle up with my momma hooman. That is all!

I just wanted everyone to know I was brave enough to say it publicly. I guess that is why they named me Joel the Brave! You cannot leave the Brave part out!

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Pink Panther Covered In Magical Coal Dust

I am Joel the Brave and I am not a black cat, but I am a Pink Panther Covered In Magical Coal Dust. Kind of like how the dalmatian puppies in 101 Dalmatians covered them self in coal dust to look like Labradors. However, my coal dust I am covered in is permanent. That means it won’t come off!

Oh yea! It’s magical coal dust! Almost forgot that!

Joel the Brave is a Pink Panther Covered In Coal Dust | Photo Credit: Heather Patterson
Photo Credit: Heather Patterson

I am also known as the Prince of Darkness as my momma hooman calls me.

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Snow Eating Cat

Snow Eating Cat – My name is Joel the Brave, be sure not to leave off the Brave part and I want to share that I love eating snow! #Snow

Snow Eating Cat

Lilly Bug doesn’t care for it, but I loves eat. Purrbuddies, are you enjoying your snowy Sunday and Monday? @Lillybug you don’t know what you are missing!

Joel the Brave Eating Snow (Snow Eating Cat)

#ieatsnow #blackcatsofinstagram #sillycat #joelthebrave #yumyum #2catsandablog

Image by: Steve Patterson (Our Dadda Hooman)

Video of me eating snow taken by my momma hooman (Heather Patterson)

See that Facebook Video!

For some reason, the Facebook embed is not working right, so I provided the direct link to the video for you to watch. Enjoy watching me eat snow.

Have you ever seen a cat eat snow?

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Black Cat Holidays

Black Cat Holidays – National Black Cat Appreciation Day & Black Cat Day – a day to appreciation black cats. #BlackCats #BlackCatApprecationDay

National Black Cat Appreciation Day

My name is Joel the Brave as you know, I am a black cat! That is why I want to share about Black Cat Appreciation Day which is held annually August 17 and National Black Cat day held annually on October 27.

National Black Cat Appreciation Day - Joel the Brave
Photo Credit: Heather Patterson

Black cats often get back reps and superstitions too. But there are a lot of facts about black cats you might want to check out.

Black cats are also the cat that is the least to be adopted. Not to mention, usually the most euthanized cat. So why not go adopt one today!

National Black Cat Day

Now Regular National Black Cat Day is held annually on October 27, just 4 days before Halloween (October 31). This day is to help raise awareness of homeless black cats.

Black Cat Month

October is Black Cat Month.

Often Black cats can’t be adopted in October due to fear of them being used for Satanic purposes or Halloween props.

First published August 15, 2018. Last updated or republished October 26, 2018.

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Being put up while maintenance man worked

Being put up while maintenance man worked

Being put up while maintenance man worked

The maintenance man had to come over and fix the hot water heater. Daddy hooman Had to put us up, but it’s in the big bathroom. My sissy and I kept fighting.

Then daddy let sissy out but not me …

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The Taunting Bird

Friday morning this little bird was eating grass outside my window taunting me.

I kept hissing, waging my tail, and jumping around at the window and it still didn’t move.

My hoomans tried to pet me and I didn’t even notice.

My tail wags harder the closer it gets to me.

You barely can see the Bird (above my ear). Bottom corner of the window.

Our adventures are never a dull moment.

I cant figure out why the Bird won’t come in to play or I go outside to play.

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Joel the Brave’s Cat Box

Joel the Brave’s Cat Box – I like boxes and this is one of my new favorite spots to play and even sleep in.

Joel the Brave’s Cat Box

I just need to my hoomans to get more foxes and build me a Cat Box Fort.

Here I am in my cat box. I was teasing my daddy hooman has he kept trying to take a picture of me in it. I would hurry up and get out as he got the camera near me.

As I mentioned I like to play in mine, I took my string in it too. Plus a few other toys. Yes, I moved all the toys there. I like to fetch and I am a cat, what can I say. After all my sissy, Lilly Bug barks at times. So why not?

Do you or does your cat like boxes?

If so I want to hear from you and don’t forget to check out an older blog post of ours Cat Fort Boxes! After all you usually can get boxes for free!


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Happy Gotcha Day, Ms. Heather

The day seems fresh, like new poured litter.

I remember the nice man scooping me up from my my brother and sister. He mumbled something, and placed me inside of a tan box. I had a feeling that I would never see my sister or brother cats again.

The nice man placed me inside of a big thing with wheels. I heard music. It seemed we were in there for days.

Then the rocking stopped altogether. The nice man picked up the box, and spoke soft to me. And then I saw her.

She was standing, smiling. And she smelled like happiness. She reached in the box, and I was afraid. After all, hoomans hadn’t been all too nice to me so far. Her hooman paws scooped me up and held me against her. I don’t know how I knew, but I could tell she was a mommy.

20170623_173235 (our first meowfie, a yr ago)

She placed me in her car wheeled thing. The rocking didn’t take long. She got out of the wheeled thing, and then came back.

The wheeled thing took us back to her den, and she carried me inside. I liked her smell.

She placed something around my neck, and I heard a jingle-jingle. Every time I moved, I heard it! Then she scooped me up, and closed her eyes speaking very softly. Wait.. she was.. praying?? She was talking to ABBA. Even though I was just a little one, I knew about ABBA. HE created all things, like me. And that meant.. ABBA had created her.

The girl hooman placed food and water in bowls, and sat watching me. I ate a bit, and went back over to her. She scooped me up again, and that was when she said it for the first time: “Joel The Brave”. I would come to learn that that was what my hooman name is. And I would learn hers, Ms. Heather.

Night time came, and she carried me into a different room. There were soft pieces and Ms Heather laid down. She had no litter mates, and now that I didn’t either .. I knew then. I had to take care of her. She was my hooman. I nestled against her, though she didn’t have  fur other than the long fur on top.

That was the day I got Ms. Heather.

She and I, we have been through a lot together. I have watched her cry. I have watched her bring into our den a boy hooman, who I now call my Dadda: Mr. Steve. We took lots of rides in wheeled things, and then a big wheeled thing brought me to my new den, that I share with Ms Heather, Mr. Steve, and my new sissy cat, Lilly Bug.

I thank ABBA for bringing her to me.

Happy Gotcha Day, Ms. Heather.