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International Homeless Animals Day

International Homeless Animals Day – A day to help tell the world you will not tolerate the senseless killing of animals because there is not enough good homes for them. #IHAD #InternationalHomelessAnimalsDay #HomelessAnimalsDay

Founded by Helen Jones, ISAR (INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS) on August 15, 1992. The purpose of this day is solemnly dedicated to keeping the issue of dog and cat overpopulation before the public until victory is achieved and humane societies can return to their purpose of preventing suffering instead of being exhausted by ceaseless killing.

International Homeless Animals Day

Join us and let the world know we will not tolerate the senseless killing that continues to take the lives of innocent dogs, cats, puppies and kittens simply because there are not enough good homes for them.

ISAR’s 28th Annual International Homeless Animals’ Day® (IHAD®)
Will be Observed on Saturday, August 19, 2019

On International Homeless Animals’ Day, Saturday, August 19, 2019, animal advocates and organizations from throughout the United States and on 6 continents will unite to shed light on dog and cat overpopulation through various activities including free and low-cost spay/neuter clinics, adoption events, and educational/awareness activities.

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