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Healing Powers Of Cats

Here is a meme on the healing powers of cats.

Healing powers of cats. Putting heals wounds, pulled muscles & stabilizes blood pressure Cats keep you warm because they are hot. Literally 39°C / 102°F Cat people have 40% less risk of heart attacks Petting a cat calms down & relieves stress

    Putting heals wounds, pulled muscles & stabilizes blood pressure
  • Cats keep you warm because they are hot. Literally 39°C / 102°F
  • Cat people have 40% less risk of heart attacks
  • Petting a cat calms down & relieves stress

Not sure who created this meme but it’s cool and share worthy. Not are we sure where they are clinically proven either. But, we recommended adopting a cat or two or MORE.

So how else can a cat help with healing?

Your comments are welcome below.

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Meouch: Common cat ailments

Meouch: Common cat ailments – Cats are widely considered low maintenance pets, but even the most independent feline can use a helping hand from his owner every now and again. That helping hand is perhaps most necessary when cats find themselves facing a health issue they can’t overcome. The following are a handful of common cat ailments and what cat owners can do to help their furry friends go back to living life to the fullest.

Meouch: Common cat ailments

Meouch: Common cat ailments
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Feline lower urinary tract diseases

Many things can cause a cat to get a feline lower urinary tract disease, or FLUTD. A collection of clinical symptoms that can be caused by a host of factors, FLUTD can prevent a cat from fully emptying its bladder and may even lead to a fatal block of the urethra, which is the tube connecting the bladder to the outside of the body. Cats that are overweight or obese might be susceptible to urinary tract problems, and those suffering from FLUTD may experience frequent or painful urination, bloody urine and frequent licking of the urinary opening. Other indicators of urinary tract problems in cats include a hard, distended abdomen, prolonged squatting in the litter box and possibly fear or avoidance of the litter box that leads to soiling in inappropriate places.

Cat owners who suspect their cats are suffering from FLUTD should bring their cats to the veterinarian immediately. The veterinarian will conduct a complete physical examine and order a urinalysis, and the results of these tests will determine treatment, which varies depending on the cause of the problem and the doctor’s prognosis.


Fleas may be most associated with dogs, but cats commonly get fleas as well. Cats with fleas may be constantly scratching at their skin, which be covered with tiny black dots. Such dots are flea dirt. In addition, cats with fleas may suffer hair loss and their skin may be noticeably red or irritated.

Fleas pose a serious threat to cats, as they can live on felines for more than a year and increase cats’ risk of anemia, a condition in which cats have less of the red blood cells they need to carry oxygen to the tissues in their bodies. A veterinarian can design a course of treatment for cats suffering from fleas, and that treatment plan may include medication (oral or topical), powders and foams.


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5 Health Tips for Your Feline Friend

5 Health Tips for Your Feline Friend – It’s always a good time to pay attention to your family’s health and happiness, and that includes your feline friends, too. Regular exercise and wholesome nutritional choices can help ensure your cat is happy and healthy all year long.

5 Health Tips for Your Feline Friend

These five tips can help keep your cat purring for years to come.

1. Create a Space for Your Cat

As most cat owners know, cats have energy they need to exert throughout the day. Create a space specifically for your cat that includes a cat tree and toys, which allows them to climb around, expel extra energy or use this space to do what cats do best, take a catnap.

2. Provide Healthy and Tasty Meals

Nutrition is a major player in the overall health and happiness of cats. They are natural carnivores and need the proper amount of protein in their diets. Providing your cat a diet with high-quality, animal-sourced protein, such as IAMS™ High Protein cat food, can help them maintain healthy vitality and fuel their carnivorous spirit.

3. Find the Perfect Toys

Cats are curious creatures and love being on the prowl. Make sure you have a variety of toys on-hand for your cat to play with, including laser pointers, stuffed mice and feather wands. These items will not only keep them busy, but they offer a great form of exercise to keep them active.

4. Give Them Some Love

Spending quality time with your furry friend can be as easy as allowing them to curl up with you on the couch at the end of a long day. Show some love by treating them to a nightly brushing, which can help maintain coat health and shininess.

5. Visit the Vet

One of the easiest, and often overlooked, tips for maintaining your feline friend’s health is taking them to the veterinarian at least once a year rather than simply waiting for signs of illness. Scheduling yearly checkups can help identify any problems that may go unnoticed.

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