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Meowy CatMas

Meowy CatMas from Joel the Brave and I.

Meowy CatMas

Check out this cute video!

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Cat Scratcher Cottage

Cat Scratcher Cottage – This is what we got from Santa Claws for CatMas (Christmas).

Cat Scratcher Cottage

We got visited from Santa Claws because we have been good cats this year. Well, almost good Cats.

2 Cats and a Blog’s Cat Cottage | Photo Credit Steve Patterson
2 Cats and a Blog’s Cat Cottage | Photo Credit Steve Patterson

Joel the Brave his eyes were wide open as our hoomans were putting it together. He was playing in the box it came in during that hour assembly.

Joel the Brave enjoying the box the Cat Cottage came in. | Photo Credit Steve Patterson
Joel the Brave enjoying the box the Cat Cottage came in. | Photo Credit Steve Patterson

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CatMas Songs

Here are some Christmas Songs, I mean CatMas Songs we cats sing for CatMas. Plus some of the memes for that show some Cat Christmas Songs on them too. We do hope everyone has a wonderful CatMas (Christmas!).

  1. 12 Days of CatMas
  2. I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Because I Never Leave.)
  3. Don’t Like Snow or Mistletoe, But Love Attacking the Christmas Tree
  4. Christmas Eve, I’ll Give You A Smelly, Mangled Mouse
  5. I’ll Be Home For Christmas (I’m Always in the House!)
  6. Knockin’ Down the Christmas Tree
  7. Away in a Hamper
  8. What Food Is This?
  9. Do You Hear What I Hear? (The Tuna Can Song)
  10. O Cough Up A Hairball
  11. It’s the Most Slumberful Time of the Year
  12. Do They Know It’s Christmas? (Feed the Squires)
  13. Up on the Mousetop
  14. Have Yourself A Furry Little Christmas
  15. Joy to the Curled
  16. I Saw Mommy Hiss At Santa Claus
  17. The First Meow
  18. Oh, Come All Ye Fishful
  19. Silent Mice
  20. Fluffy, The Snowman
  21. Jingle Balls
  22. Wreck the Halls
  23. O Christmas Tree, Your Ornaments are History

Two of the Comics from Metzger

What are more CatMas songs we can add to this list?

If you know of any, feel free to share so we can grow this list.

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Christmas Cat Memes

Here are some Christmas Cat Memes for you all to enjoy. We also hope you have a wonderful CatMas (Christmas). These memes came from various places. Know of a good one we should add? Let us know! We just might add it to this gallery list.

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12 Days Of CatMas

12 Days of CatMas – This poem is similar to the 12 Days of Christmas but this one is geared for cats. Uses CatMas instead of Christmas as a play on words.

12 Days Of CatMas

Most people know and are familiar with the 12 Days of Christmas … But are we familiar with the 12 Days of Catmas?

On the 12 Days of Catmas my hooman gave to me

  1. A Pawtridge in a Purr Tree
  2. Two Belly Rubs (because the 3rd I bite)
  3. Three Scratch Posts
  4. Four Paper Bags
  5. Five Shiny Things!
  6. Six Catnip Mousies
  7. Seven Salmon Swimming
  8. Eight Mice-A-Squeaking
  9. Nine Lasers Dancing
  10. Ten Lizards Leaping
  11. Eleven Tins of Tuna
  12. Twelve Cardboard Boxes
12 Days of Catmas

In the version above, it is form a cats view on what their hooman gave them.

BTW, the image above is a FREE Printable too. It is in a PDF format. Just click on it, choose save as file, then you can save it and print it out. Or you can just click on it and print it there.

There are a couple versions floating around too!

12 Days of Catmas Video

Check out this video Uploaded by Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc.

12 Days of CatMas | Blind Cat Rescue

With the above video, it says my true love gave to me. It doesn’t make any cats gave these gifts or was given gifts. Also, the video only goes up to the seventh day.

  1. A kitten in a Christmas tree
  2. Two scratching post
  3. Three balls of yarn
  4. Four litter boxes
  5. Five golden fish
  6. Six cats a leaping
  7. Seven mice to play with

The 12 Days of Christmas,The first day started on Christmas Day, December 25.

On the 12 Days of Catmas my three cats gave to me …

  1. A Tipped-over Christmas Tree
  2. Two Dead Rodents
  3. Three Stolen French Hens
  4. Four Hours Calling at Birds
  5. Five Broken Things
  6. Six Banks While Playing
  7. Seven Claws Need Trimming
  8. Eight Cries for Fresh Milk
  9. Nine Ants Cause Dancing
  10. Ten Seconds Creeping
  11. Eleven Treats for Swiping
  12. Twelve Vicious Thumpings

Shown on Chaos Life. (only first image is shown below) This version is what the hooman said their cats gave them.

Chaos Life by A&K  - 12 Days of Catmas

Check out the list of FREE Christmas Printables my Dadda Hooman has.