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Crazy Cat Lady Birthday Cake

Crazy Cat Lady Birthday Cake – We saw this online, and knew we had to share this cake idea with our readers. Hoomans love birthday cakes for their birthday, so what kind of birthday cake do you give that crazy cat lady? Well here are some ideas!

Below are more Crazy Cat Lady Birthday Cakes

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Cat Lady Lives with 1,000 Cats

Cat Lady Lives with 1,000 Cats – Can you imagine sharing a house with over 1,000 cats? This one Cat lady does just that at The Cat House on the Kings. #CatLady #1000Cats #CatHouseoftheKings

Cat Lady Lives with 1,000 Cats

Lynea Lattanzio has a 5 bedroom, 4,200 square foot home where she shares it with a thousand cats. She lives on six acres and also allows them free run. Today she runs what is called Cat House On the Kings, Califorinia’s largest no-cage, no kill sanctuary for feral and abandoned cats.

Lattanzio and volunteers help care for the cats (around 800 adults and 300 kittens). They start feeing the cats around 4 a.m. Plus, give medical attention too.

Check out this video!

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