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Office Kitty

I’m an office kitty. I had to clock in to get my pay … treats and some love.

Photo Credit: Heather Patterson

Momma hooman keeps the bottom drawer empty and open so I can curl up in it and be beside her. I like boxes and this desk drawer is just like a box!

I can take calls, chats or even blog … like I’m blogging this blog post right now. Hoomans shouldn’t leave laptops or mobile devices unattended. That’s when we can do our blog post.

I can also be a comfort cat. I’m not registered yet. Maybe in the future I can go to comfort cat school and get a piece of paper showing I fished the training. Goals!

What can you say sissy and I are tech savoy. That is why we do this cat blog … 2 Cats and a Blog.

Cat lovers make sure you subscribe to our cat blog. This goes for those cats surfing the web, follow us too!


Prr. I am a boy black cat that lives in Tennessee with my hoomans, Ms. Heather and Mr. Steve. I have a sissy cat, Lillybug. I hope to be a firefighter when I grow big.

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