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Australia to Kill Feral Cats

Australia to Kill Feral Cats – Australia is serious about trying to rid the country of feral cats by killing them.

Australia to Kill Feral Cats - Australia is serious about trying to rid the country of feral cats by killing them.
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A feral cat is a wild domestic cat. In Australia feral cats are said to be enemy number one. Australia wants to kill nearly 2 million feral cats by 2020.

In Queensland, they are even offering money for the scalp of a cat.

Even in near by New Zealand, they are calling for a cat-free future.

The reason for this is that cats are killers, they claim. That is because they hunt to survive. I don’t know about there, but I know in America, it seems feral cats are at least fed by someone in the community.

The country is saying these feral cats are killing some 1 million native birds and some 1.7 million reptiles everyday. I wonder, if they are killing that many per day, then, that would mean they should not have that many of them left?

They said they are not killing them for the sake of it, but to save the other animals

This is very sad, but feral cats is a problem in many countries, but killing them isn’t the answer.

Help speak up and voice your opinion and help save the lives of these cats!

There are other options that can be done!


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2 thoughts on “Australia to Kill Feral Cats

  1. This is horrific! You want to control ferals? You trap, spay or neuter. Or better yet – penalize people who leave their pets when they move. *grrrrrrr*


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