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Litter box etiquette

Litter box etiquette – etiquette on cat litter from Pet Dish TV.

Litter box etiquette

Imagine you have a full bladder and your only option is a dirty bathroom — or worse, no bathroom. Cats, just like humans, prefer to have a clean, quiet place to relieve themselves.

Litter box etiquette - etiquette on cat litter from Pet Dish TV.

One common reason cats get surrendered to Animal Humane Society is improper litter box use. It can be a frustrating problem, but there are a few simple things you can do to set your cat up for a successful litter box experience.

Litter box tips:

  1. You should have more litter boxes than cats. It sounds silly, but who doesn’t love a house with multiple bathrooms? If you have one cat, you need at least two boxes. If you have two cats, bump it up to three litter boxes.
  2. Keep a litter box on each story of the house. Make getting to a litter box easy for your feline friend.
  3. Place the litter boxes in calm, quiet, low-traffic areas that your kitty can access all day.
  4. Most cats don’t like scented litter, so stick to unscented litter and clean it more frequently if the smell bothers you.
  5. Not all cats feel safe in a covered litter box — some may even feel trapped. If your cat is having litter box issues, try uncovering the box or make sure it has two entrances.

If your litter boxes issues continue, even after trying out these tips, contact your veterinarian, as there could be an underlying health issue.

For more litter box tips and other resources for your pets, check out our Pet Behavior Library.

Article From: Animal Human Society


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