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Cats are nocturnal

Cats are nocturnal – they are night creatures.

Cats are nocturnal

In case you didn’t know it, but cats are nocturnal. That means they do the most at night. Cats have great night vision. They have six to eight times more rod cells. That helps with low light settings.Their whiskers help them too. That helps them judge if they can fit in places or not. So there you go, another cat fact for you.

Cats are nocturnal

Night time, when our hoomans are sleep is when we do our blogging. However, we schedule most of them while you hoomans are up and about and we are sleeping. However, I figured I would publish this blog post live for a change, since I am talking about nocturnal.

That is why it seems your cat is most active at night and keeping you up. In the wild, we would hunt and eat at night too. That is why when you go to bed, we have food and water and you wake up, it is almost gone. We also eat and drink a lot during the night too.

At times we still do take a cat nap during night as well as the day too.


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