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Copycat. You ever hear that term before? I know you kids have played that game. You often will say stop copying me!


I am not talking about the fictional superhero appearing in American comic books either! Actually the word is one word, Copycat not two, Copy Cat.

The dictionary says a copycat is a person who copies another’s behavior, dress, or ideas. Some people even do copycat recipes. These are recipes that mimic popular restaurant recipes.

Back to copying other people’s behaviors. Cats of course can mimic a variety of sounds. I even blogged about that in To Get My Hoomans attention!

Where did the term Copycat come from?

The expression may have originated from observing the habits of kittens that learned by imitating the behaviour of their mother. Copycat has  been in recorded use since at least 1896, in Sarah Orne Jewett ‘The  Country of Pointed Firs’ but the expression could be many decades older.1

Copy Cat #CopyCat



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